Common Problems That Can Be Helped With Hypnotherapy

Here are just some of the problems I can help you with at Above & Beyond. If you have something in particular that is bothering you, please feel free to get in touch for more information on how I can assist you.


Smoking Cessation

smoking-cessationSmoking cigarettes can have a devastating effect on your health, you’re breathing in nicotine which is highly addictive and harmful toxic chemicals, that can lead to illness and disease. I can help you quit with a powerful and effective hypnotherapy treatment that usually only takes one session - there is no in between, you are either a smoker or not. It’s also extremely expensive to buy cigarettes, just think of all the wonderful things you can spend that money on instead and feel free of the burden of smoking, more energised and healthier too.

weight-lossWeight Loss / Virtual Gastric Band

It’s not easy losing weight, and endless diets can be frustrating and exacerbate the problem. Losing weight really needs to start from the inside. Your head needs to be in the right place and discovering what’s causing your weight gain or unhealthy relationship with food is key in allowing you to make changes. Some people comfort eat or just snack out of habit. I can help you to eat healthy and cut out the junk food that you crave for. I also do a Virtual Gastric Band programme, this works very well for people who have a lot of weight to lose or have problems with portion control. Your state of well-being and confidence will improve as you lose weight, and your desire to move more and exercise will increase too.

Excessive Drinking

spilled-drinkAlcohol in moderation is perfectly fine and your body is able to cope with it. A drink or two helps you to unwind and relax and can be a lovely way to socialise with friends and family.

If you feel it’s becoming a problem however, and you are beginning to depend on it, your health can begin to suffer. I can help you build a new, healthier relationship with alcohol, getting you back in control.


anxiety-picEveryone experiences a certain level of anxiety and can usually cope with it, but it can be very debilitating for some individuals, ranging in severity from mild to extreme and can have a serious impact on your daily living. Excessive worrying, apprehension, fear and nervousness, are common symptoms and can affect how we feel and behave. It is in times of stressful events such as the run up to something like an interview, exam, driving test etc. where the symptoms can be overwhelming and a state of fear and worry takes over. I can help you relax and manage these stressful situations in many different ways to suit your individual needs, your learn how to become calmer, prepare for events, control your thoughts and feelings and make the unwanted beliefs disappear.


stressIs the feeling of being under too much mental or emotional pressure, this can be from family and friends, problems with money or employment. Too much pressure will turn into stress and a feeling of being unable to cope anymore. A certain amount of stress is normal and can help push you to do something new or difficult, but too much can take its toll affecting how you think, behave and how efficiently your body works. Low self-esteem, sleeping problems, anxiousness, excessive sweating, and poor concentration are some common signs of being stressed. You can relax and enjoy my therapy while I help you to change the outcome of a vicious cycle of negativity, breaking down the problems into more manageable parts, enabling you to move forward in a more calmer and organised way.


phobiasThese develop when you have an unrealistic or exaggerated sense of fear and danger about a situation or object. They range in severity, can be distressing and have a huge impact and bring restrictions regarding daily life. It could be fear of insects, animals, travelling or personal relationships for example and sometimes these responses have been learned at an early age from parents or siblings or be the lasting painful memories from a past event or trauma. Let me help you find the cause of the phobia and change how to react in a calmer way when the problem is encountered again using relaxation and visualisation techniques.

Confidence Building

confidenceDo you find yourself worrying about what other people think about you? Feel too shy to voice your own opinions? Tend to agree with others just to keep the peace? Your confidence can be chipped away because of past events such as relationship problems, personal traumas or failures. People deal with these kinds of problems in many different ways. Let me help you find that inner confidence you once had and build your self-esteem to make you the happy, confident and shining individual you deserve to be.


insomniaThis is a common and frustrating problem and usually results in people finding it difficult to get to sleep, lying awake during the night or frequently wakening. Insomnia results in feeling unrefreshed and tired during the day, irritable and not able to concentrate properly. If it becomes an on-going problem, it can have a negative effect of your mood, working performance and relationships. Let me help you with deep relaxation and visualising techniques resulting in a better sleeping pattern that will allow you to feel rejuvenated and rested.

painPain Management

Chronic pain can be incredibly debilitating and have a huge impact on your quality of life, it can range in severity and never goes away. Giving symptoms such as soreness, burning, stiffness, etc. You may have sleeping problems, feel frustrated or angry, become emotionally drained. It can lead to isolation or unwillingness to interact with others. It’s not always obvious to other people how your issues with pain are affecting your ability to cope. I can help you to manage your pain using hypnotherapy, deep relaxation, visualisation and teach you how to continue with self hypnosis at home.

Children's Problems

childrens-problems-picIt’s not unusual for children to develop problems such as bed wetting, nail biting, regression, shyness, insecurity or separation anxiety.

I use techniques that include visualisation, relaxation and confidence building, increasing their self-esteem and making them feel proud and strong again.